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A simple, verifiable way to notify your network about your skillset.

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Why claim a digital badge?

The first step to improving your skills and your career is gaining expertise. The next step is letting people know.



Our badges contain verifiable data to show what you have learned and how you learned it, giving real insight into what your certificate means!



You've earned it, now show it off! Badges can be shared across numerous social media platform and can be embedded into email signatures, resumes, and webpages.



Self-reporting skills can introduce doubt into the hiring process. Badging establishes a transparent, legitimate way to tell people about your skills and competencies!

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Now Offering 20+ Badges!

From immunization to OTC products, freeCE has you covered with specialty pharmacy training and CE.

PLUS: The Credly platform provides insights into the labor market!

Curious about what jobs are hiring people with your expertise? Credly can connect you with job opportunities! Just click on the skills tags to gain valuable job insights like job titles, locations, salary ranges, and employers that require these specific skills.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our digital badges powered by the Credly!


How to claim your badge? It’s easy!


Complete a Specialty Certificate!

Once you’ve completed all learning modules and passed the exam, you will receive an email inviting you to claim your badge.


Claim your Credly badge!

Use the link provided in the invitation email to setup a profile with Credly. Once created you'll be able to claim your digital badge.


Share Your New Credential

Start by sharing your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Or add it to your email signature or webpage for added visibility!

Have you already earned a specialty certificate and would like to claim your badge?

Please reach out to our Customer Success team at


Still have questions on digital badging? 

Watch Credly's video about digital badging and credentials below:

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Brandon C.

"The best thing with freeCE is that I’m able to complete my CE credits pretty much anytime with classes available practically all day, every day! The course content is very informative and you truly learn a lot. freeCE's programs have taught me about things I never knew in my existing pharmacy career."


Cheryl W.

"With freeCE's Technician Immunization Training program, I've helped vaccinate over 1500 for COVID-19 within weeks of completing the on-demand courses!"


Jennifer M.

"I have been using for years. I love how detailed and easy it is to follow the content. I understand and remember most of everything taught through your certificate training programs!"

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